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Aerial Yogi

When Celeste began studying yoga in 2003, it quickly became apparent that she was challenged less by the traditional styles. In her search for something different, she found and fell in love with Tripsichore yoga, which served as her gateway for any practice that would push her abilities and maximize her time upside down and inside out.

Aerial yoga is intended to assist the student to increase their strength, especially core and upper body, while improving overall flexibility in a low-impact manner. This practice is ideal for beginner and advanced athletes, and can be easily modified for those who are injured, older, or have other health concerns.

Yoga, including aerial yoga, has many benefits, from increasing mindfulness and mental stability to building strength and flexibility. Depending on the modality, yoga can deliver a variety of benefits. On the ground, Celeste tends to lean toward the “power poses” such as handstand, splits, and wheel. In the air, Celeste likes to give students an experience they enjoy, thus can tailor a yoga program to fit almost any student’s goals.

Celeste has studied with Aircat Aerial Arts in Boulder, CO since 2014. She completed her first level teacher training certification and a Tricks & Drops workshop in April 2015, and attended the level two teacher training in September 2015.

Celeste has studied yoga since 2003, initially starting with Samarya yoga, then moving on to Vinyasa and Tripsichore in 2012. She has dabbled in several other methodologies but keeps returning to her inversion- and flexibility-heavy practice.

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