Stunt Performer

Resumé below video.


  • Height: 5’3″
  • Weight: 115 lbs


  • Air ram: suicide, header
  • Alternative vehicles: bicycles, construction vehicles, golf carts, lawnmowers
  • Cars: flyaways, formation, precision, reverse, slalom
  • Fighting for camera: blunt weapons, bladed weapons, found weapons, martial arts, Western unarmed, static or handheld cam
  • Fire: body burns, fire eating
  • Horses: groom, jump, lead, ride
  • Mini tramp: suicide, header
  • Motorcycles: 250cc-825cc cafe, cruiser, sport
  • Stair falls: backward roll, barrel roll, forward roll
  • Wire: flying harness, jerk vest, hand pulls, rappelling, ratchet, spreader bar

Certifications and degrees:

  • First Aid, CPR, AED (2010-present)
  • Bachelor of Science, Software Development (2018)
  • Dirtfish Rally School: Three Day Manual AWD course (2018)
  • United Stuntmen’s Association International Stunt School (Greg Poljacik, Wadi Jones, Chuck Johnson, Jeff McKracken, Daniel Ford Beavis, “Dutch”, Rosslyn Luke):
    • Utility Course (2017)
    • Aerial Intensive (2017)
  • Aircat Aerial Arts:
    • Aerial Yoga L1 teacher training (2015)
    • L2 teacher training (2015)
    • Tricks & Drops (2015)
  • Master of Sciences in Civil Engineering (2010)
  • Bachelor of Sciences in Civil Engineering (2009)


  • GsubX Spring 2017, bronze medal, female white belt <125 lb