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A question I’ve gotten from my mentees and directs before, but haven’t written anything about (yet), goes something like, “How do you speak up in meetings? How to you interrupt? What do you even say!?”

This Harvard Business Review YouTube video came out about 2 weeks ago, but I only caught it today, and I think it has a pretty good answer to that anguished question I’ve heard so many times before. Basically, you need to have a plan for what you’ll say. There’s more to the video, though, so… Check it out!

I’ve presented this at two different conferences and meetups, and here are the YouTube videos. You can see how the presentation evolved as my thoughts clarified and as I continued to practice. This is one way to reach expertise – to keep doing a thing, and to iterate based on feedback. You can use those tools for your projects.

Common Sense Career Transitions at Black Lodge Research meetup (you’ll have to rewind for some reason, I’ve tried URL hacking YouTube like crazy and this is just what you get for some reason, apologies!):

Common Sense Career Transitions at LinuxFestNW: